Gender Lens (Financial Inclusion)

Women’s World Banking is a global non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the economic assets, participation, and power of low-income women by supporting their access to the financial tools and resources required to build security and prosperity. To help assess the impact of financial service providers, Women's World Banking created the Gender Performance Indicators. 

The Gender Performance Indicators are organized into several areas: Client Focus, Institutional Focus, and Outcomes. Within each area, there are sub-groups that have been tagged to the various indicators. The purpose of this structure is to create a clear representation of what information is needed to inform practitioners effectively. Women’s World Banking has also ranked each indicator in terms of its estimated degree of complexity in collecting relevant data.

Since gender is a cross cutting topic, it applies across disparate impact themes. An alignment with IRIS allows diverse investors to track progress on the totality of their portfolios, an important step to aggregating and comparing standardized performance information.

Client focus

Indicators that help a financial services firm disaggregate client data by gender

Institutional focus

Indicators that help a firm assess financial services institutions through a gender lens.