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During this virtual Town Hall, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) introduces IRIS+ to the impact investing market. IRIS+ makes it easier for investors to translate their impact intentions into real impact results. It is a comprehensive system for impact investors to measure, manage and optimize their impact. IRIS+ reduces confusion, increases comparability, and makes it easier to communicate impact results.

Moderated by GIIN’s Director of IRIS+ & IMM, Kelly McCarthy, the Town Hall included several segments, in which participants had the opportunity to:
* Hear from GIIN CEO Amit Bouri about what IRIS+ is and why this matters for the future of the impact investing market.
* Learn about the key features of IRIS+ from GIIN Senior Manager of IRIS+ & IMM, Leticia Emme, including: access to evidence-backed Core Metrics Sets, key guidance documents, how IRIS+ aligns with other frameworks such as the SDGs, and more.
* Experience a demo of IRIS+ to observe how this easy-to-navigate system provides streamlined, practical how-to guidance for measuring, managing, and optimizing impact.