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XSML was founded in 2008. The managing partners have an extensive background in emerging markets in the areas of asset management, corporate and development banking and corporate restructuring. Our experience have shown that demand for finance from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) remains largely untapped despite increased interest in emerging markets from international investors. XSML bridges this gap between the international investors and the SMEs in emerging markets. In November 2010, XSML established its first fund under management, the Central Africa SME Fund, which invests in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic. The fund focuses on providing private equity finance and management expertise to SMEs in these two frontier markets where there is no or limited finance available.


XSML uses IRIS indicators to be able to better understand the social impact they are creating at their investee level and to be able to uniformly track our investee companies on social impact. It also allows us to have one set of standards that we can communicate to external parties, like investors and the media.

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The Central Africa SME Fund has an initial GIIRS rating