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Vox Capital is Brazil's first impact investing fund. We invest in innovative, high-potential businesses serving low-income clients with products and services that help improve their lives. Vox Capital injects capital and provides strategic advice and management support to leverage the financial results and social impacts of these businesses. Through its portfolio, Vox Capital aims to contribute to the creation of a Brazilian cluster of profitable, large-scale businesses with social impact, capable of attracting talent, innovation and domestic and international investment. As a player in this cluster, Vox Capital intends, over time, to help improve the lives of millions of low-income individuals in Brazil.


As a GIIRS rated fund we believe that impact investors should use standardized measures to report the social and environmental performance of their investments. We are proud to have aligned the metrics we track with the IRIS taxonomy through our usage of GIIRS. Additionally, Vox uses IRIS to: • Measure the performance of portfolio companies • Evaluate and assess impact of companies previous to investment decision-making

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Vox Capital is a GIIRS pioneer fund. Vox Capital uses GIIRS as a proxy for the carry compensation of the fund. After the financial hurdle rate of 6% net of inflation, the management team carry is divided in 10% for the financial performance component and 10% for the social impact.