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Established in 2001, Villgro is India’s oldest and foremost social enterprise incubator focused on supporting innovation-based enterprises benefiting the poor in India. Villgro funds, mentors and incubates early-stage, innovation-based social enterprises that impact the lives of India’s poor. Villgro works with product and service based companies in the sectors of health, education, and agriculture primarily. Villgro incubation includes grants making, investment, mentoring, and other support services for enterprises on the verge of attracting traditional investment. Villgro also runs the Unconvention Local series of workshops and networking platforms in emerging social enterprise hubs in India. Since 2001, Villgro has incubated 119 such enterprises, which have secured Rs 1195 million in follow-on funding, and touched over 15 million lives.


We use IRIS as the reporting standard for our portfolio enterprises to report information to us. This enables us to report portfolio achievements to our donors and investors.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

We undertake periodic surveys of the entrepreneurs and enterprises that we work with to determine satisfaction with our services. We also support enterprises who seek to partner with academics for rigorous impact studies or developmental evaluation. We are seeking to add "social impact strategy and developmental evaluation" to the set of enterprise capacities that we build through incubation services.