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Verde Ventures is an investment fund managed by Conservation International (CI) to provide support for small- and medium-sized businesses that contribute to healthy ecosystems and human well-being. Our business partners support human well-being by conserving services that flow from healthy ecosystems and the species and processes that make up these ecosystems. Benefits encompass the livelihoods of communities and households. The Verde Ventures business philosophy is based on our steadfast belief that economic opportunity and responsible stewardship of the Earth are at the core of successful conservation efforts benefiting both people and nature.


Verde Ventures (VV) measures its impact through a process of data collection of key indicators designed around a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework, which accounts for environmental, social, and financial indicators. Currently VV monitors 70 indicators on a portfolio wide basis, 28 of which are aligned with the IRIS 2.2 taxonomy. VV is also a GIIRS pioneer fund, which allows us to use metrics based on IRIS to assess our performance against a benchmark of funds operating in the impact investing space.

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