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Unitus Impact ("UI") is a venture capital firm that invests in scalable businesses that increase income levels and create livelihood opportunities for the working poor in Asia's fastest growing economies. Over the past 10+ years, UI has been working and investing in Asia to accelerate market-based solutions to poverty and generate risk-commensurate financial returns for its investors. Although not restricted by industry, UI invests equity into companies focused on supply chain optimization, building agribusiness verticals, and providing small-business financing and microfranchise opportunities. Each UI portfolio company aims to build significant enterprise value by establishing distribution and supply chain platforms that can scale to reach millions of low-income families and significantly increase their incomes.


Unitus Impact quantifies the social and livelihood impact of its investments on low-income populations by monitoring multiple IRIS financial and social metrics across its entire portfolio with a primary focus on directly resulting income increase and the number of livelihoods/jobs created. Such metrics provide value for our investors and our portfolio companies. Unitus Impact’s measurement process is typically comprised of two steps: (1) UI portfolio companies perform intake assessments to determine each participant's base income level and (2) in cooperation with its portfolio companies, UI conducts ongoing metric tracking and reporting to determine each company’s livelihood impact on the working poor over time. As appropriate, Unitus Impact may choose to monitor industry specific IRIS metrics on an individual company basis.