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UNISCRAP PBC. is an international innovative trading corporation in the recycling industry sector. From our global headquarters in Wilmington, DE USA, we design trade solutions for raw materials that our clients use in the processing and recycling industry. What differentiates our entity from others is its social awareness (Public Benefit Corporation). We are interested in investing and contributing to the communities in which we operate. We believe, in turn, that by doing so will not only benefit society at large but our customers and partners as well. Our corporation focuses on providing turnkey trading solutions for the needs of large steel industries and plastic recycling plants. With a network of suppliers that is growing constantly from North America, South America, Europe and Africa, we intend to be able to supply our clients with ferrous and plastic scrap commodities in the regions of Europe, Asia and South East Asia. Apart from international trading activities, we also design recycling projects globally. We specialize in advising on the design of waste-free buildings and cities (non-hazardous waste). To maximize our impact, we align our goals with leading international organizations such as the United Nations and confirm our outcomes with independent global third parties.


IRIS metrics will assist us to monitor dynamically the success of our social & environmental impact activities. This process will create internal and external knowledge which will affect positively the decision making process.