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The UNICEF Bridge Fund is an innovative financial tool created by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to speed lifesaving assistance to children in need around the world. The Bridge Fund provides flexible capital, enabling UNICEF Supply Division to react immediately when children’s lives are at risk to fast-track the purchase and delivery of vital health, educational and other essential supplies. The Bridge Fund helps save the lives of vulnerable children by reaching them when every minute counts, buys time to secure better pricing and ensures a continuous supply of safe products from reliable manufacturers.


The Bridge Fund uses IRIS to convey to our investors the impact of our work through standardized measures that also help us align with peers in the industry. We have added a section on IRIS Impact Measurement on our quarterly investor reports to demonstrate to investors the impact of our work. From the IRIS registry, we include relevant metrics from the following categories: Organization Description, Product Description, Product Impact, Financial Performance and Operational Impact.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

We include in each of our quarterly investor reports both an income statement and balance sheet showing our performance for that period as well as our current assets and liabilities. Additionally, for each of our transactions, we work with UNICEF to track the impact of our funds across three broad categories: Number of lives saved from acceleration of funds through the Bridge Fund, amount of dollars saved and continuity of programs and services.