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Truestone is a specialist impact investment manager offering both private equity impact funds where we work with local investment partners 'on the ground', mainly in frontier markets, to help support and develop SMEs to be investment ready, at which point they will be considered for our private equity funds. We also provide liquid portfolios of screened funds that seek the most positive social and environmental outcomes, suitable for both retail and institutional investors.


All investee businesses and funds within our Truestone Global Impact Fund must be able to demonstrate and report quantified product or operational impacts included in the IRIS taxonomy. We have identified approximately 40 IRIS measures (across the IRIS sectors) which we report on. Reporting is required quarterly and these figures are aggregated into an Annual Impact Report which is independently assured by an external auditor.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

We have added a few additional measures to the core IRIS taxonomy we use to cover the specific needs of our clients for periodic reporting or certain areas where we detect a need for a simpler or more detailed impact measurement.