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TriStar Real Estate was founded in 2013 as an investment platform for American and German fund and direct investments in American commercial real estate. TriStar specializes in multifamily, office, single tenant NNN, and retail properties. The partners at TriStar have extensive experience in managing successful real estate investments and investment funds.

The key components of the Tri Star mission include trust (market experience, consistent results, maintaining integrity), transparency (effective and consistent communication delivering accurate information that is good and bad), and timing (correlating life of investment with dynamics of a market cycle, and entering every investment with multiple exist strategies).

Tri Star’s Community Impact Fund makes investments into blighted workforce housing apartment communities around poorly ranked public schools by renovating the community and then offers affordable rents combined with thoughtful community programs focused on education, wellness, and food security in South Eastern United States. These renovated communities typically house families living near or below the poverty line. By investing in stabilizing the community, the model reduces student transiency, which is a key factor in successful learning and education – schools with lower transiency rates have a better learning environment, higher test scores, and school success.

The fund’s target communities situated near schools which are performing in the bottom third of their respective state as ranked by test scores. The fund identifies target communities by first ensuring that one can be profitable after acquisition, renovations, and delivery of social services. Tri Star’s mission is to positively impact communities as socially responsible landlords by delivering to its residents affordable rents combined with important social services. The fund will also donate 2% of the capital stack per year to fund the community programs provided by Star-C or other 501(c) Organizations to support their services.


Tri Star Community Impact Fund intends to track the IRIS metrics listed on the next tab. Tri Star is relying on impact metrics to study the value of the benefits within each community. In addition to the monetary return to investors, the social impact of the fund’s investment in each target community will be measured annually to produce a measure of economic impact in the immediate community where the target community is located.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Tri Star Community Investment Fund also tracks the following metrics: number of children in the after-school program, grade performance by the children in the after-school program, number of residents in the wellness/medical navigation program, number of residents who receive a primary care physician visit through the program, number of residents who participate in the program’s health classes (nutrition/high blood pressure, etc.), number of residents who participate in the health screening fairs, and number of individually planted gardens through the programs.