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Triple Jump manages and advises funds that aim to make responsible investments in developing countries. Each fund has a specific target group and different risk and return objectives. This mix of funds allows Triple Jump to serve financial intermediaries, mainly microfinance institutions, throughout their entire life cycle. Our portfolio companies range from NGOs receiving their first non-subsidised loans to regulated banks, which intermediate savings and serve hundreds of thousands of borrowers.


Triple Jump gathers and analyzes both financial and social performance results of financial intermediaries around the world. To analyze and score social performance management of our potential investments we developped our own Social Performance Assessement tool in 2009. It is our belief that the industry will strongly benefit from more standardized social performance metrics. As we improved our assessement tool throughout the years we always tried to integrate new industry standards such as IRIS.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

We use a set of tools developped inhouse which are based on the Universal Standards for Social Performance, the MIX market, in addition to IRIS.