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TriLinc Global, LLC is a private investment management company dedicated to launching and managing innovative products intended to exponentially increase participation in impact investing. Founded in 2008, TriLinc Global aims to harness the power of private sector capital for good and has developed a systematic approach to impact investment packaging, registration, management and distribution. Leveraging the experience and expertise of its partner-employees, TriLinc Global is building a robust offering of alternative investment products that provide investors with access to unique and competitive yield-oriented strategies that change the world for the better.


As part of the loan application, all borrower companies are required to track a list of IRIS metrics associated with our core economic development impact objectives. Additionally, borrowers must indicate specific impact objective(s) that match their business sector, model and goals. Each borrower companies then selects the appropriate metrics from a list of supplemental IRIS economic, social and environmental impact metrics to measure and monitor over the course of the investment. The data is aggregated and analyzed across the portfolio and reports are generated quarterly and annually, as well as on an interim basis.

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