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Toniic provides its members with a powerful suite of investor tools giving easy access to high quality deals, process support, education, and an expert peer group. Investing out of their own accounts, Toniic members receive all the advantages of the highest touch angel networks in traditional investment sectors. Toniic also supports social entrepreneurs by providing quality feedback and support through interaction with our network of investors, many of whom are experienced entrepreneurs. Collectively, Toniic members have supported 25 enterprises in the past 20 months.


Toniic uses IRIS to provide members with a framework for assessing impact

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Toniic uses GIIRS. In addition to its IRIS use, Toniic assesses the extent to which local communities are given the opportunity to participate in decision making. In this way, the Toniic team makes sure they work with those they serve to select and request metrics that matter for their work.