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The Lyme Timber Company LP is a private timberland investment management organization (TIMO) that invests in and manages timberland and rural real estate with important conservation attributes. Lyme’s portfolio consists of working lands, high priority conservation lands, and mitigation banks. The lands that Lyme invests in generate operating income from a variety of sources such as sustainable timber harvesting, recreational leasing, sale of carbon-offset credits, alternative energy supply agreements, and sale of mitigation credits. Lyme also achieves investment returns through capital events such as the sale of conservation easements and the final sale of the property.


Lyme Timber is a registered IRIS user and a strong supporter of IRIS metrics. Lyme played a critical field-building role as an active participant in a 2012 working group that developed a set of generally accepted land conservation metrics for inclusion in the IRIS catalog. The group consisted of land conservation practitioners, land conservation investment managers, impact investors, and field experts, who each offered input and advice related to the identification and formulation of the metrics.

Lyme has found using IRIS metrics to be helpful in reducing its reporting burden; rather than having to produce many tailored reports, it instead can use the standardized IRIS metrics to produce a singular impact report that it shares with fund investors and other interested parties. Lyme’s use of IRIS has also helped it build its reputation in the impact investing field.

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In addition to its use of IRIS, Lyme Timber ensures that all of its working timberland properties are third-party certified to one or both of the two leading sustainable forestry certification programs: The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative© (SFI). Additionally, Lyme’s forest management practices are guided by the Northern Forest Lands Council's nine principles of sustainability. More information on Lyme Timber’s impact measurement approach, and how the firm derives value from this approach, is available in the GIIN's knowledge center at