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The CAPROCK Group is a traditional multi-family office with dedicated, extensive impact investing expertise. We strive to become true partners with our clients, helping them to protect and grow their wealth with a full range of financial solutions that are strategically customized for each family's unique circumstances. We reject the assumption that impact investments inherently yield lower rates of return to the investor. The CAPROCK Group's proprietary Impact process harnesses the tools of "conventional" financial analysis and portfolio construction and applies them to Impact Investing. The result is a portfolio that seeks impact across the full breadth of asset classes, rates of return which are competitive with conventional investments and, most importantly, a portfolio designed to achieve specific goals as established by each impact investor. The CAPROCK Group is a founding member of The B Corporation, and has offices in San Jose, Seattle, Newport Beach, Park City, and Boise.


The CAPROCK Group has developed a proprietary model called iPAR (Impact Portfolio Allocation Review) to help clients better understand and quantify the various sources of impact pursued in their portfolio. Currently, the preponderance of our impact investments have been deployed into funds in every asset class. We are working diligently with these fund managers to facilitate a reporting process that meets our clients' needs, without placing undue burden on these managers or their portfolio companies. Given that a growing portion of these managers are utilizing IRIS metrics, our hope is that the industry will continue to coalesce around a standardized measurement taxonomy that enables us to effectively communicate impact performance to our clients.

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