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Terra Global Capital, LLC was founded in 2006 to facilitate market and results-based payment approaches for forest and agriculture emission reductions that provide community benefits. Terra is now the leader in forest and land-use analytics and finance, providing technical expertise and investment capital to their global client base in a collaborative and innovative manner. As a group, Terra has more global experience in climate change from the land-use sector than any other entity and is committed to working with its local partners to build capacity with rural communities and governments to sustainably manage their forest and agricultural lands. Terra has extensive developing country experience and is the leading developer of protocols and aggregation services for GHG emissions reductions from a full range of agricultural activities in the United States.


Terra Bella measures its environmental and social impact using comprehensive industry accepted standards that have been developed for multiple benefit results-based land-use emission reduction programs, including the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCB). The monitoring and 3rd party verification requirements of these standards incorporate a number of the IRIS metrics which allows us to report the impact of our investments within the IRIS framework. Some of the indicators that we use that are shared between the VCS/CCB and IRIS include: Client Households: Rural – For each investment, the # of households in rural areas that are provided support for sustainable land-use management and building of alternative livelihoods is reported to measure breath of impact Communities Served - For each investment, the # of unique communities groups served through training, land tenure support and capacity building provides a measure how many distinct organized community groups Income Growth - We measure the growth in net income or in many cases these are measured in “wealth indicators” which are a more appropriate measure for poor communities than purely income Greenhouse Gas Emissions - All investments are designed to reduce GHG emissions from land-use including reducing deforestation, increasing forest cover and/or reducing emissions from land-use management. The GHG emissions are produced directly from the projects receiving investments from the fund, and would not be able to produce these emissions without the investment. The amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) REDUCED is measured with a highly creditable market/results-based accepted standards at either the project or program level. This is often the Verified Carbon Standard. Environmental Impact Objectives: The metric includes a number of key indicators that are measured through both the VCS and CCB monitoring process including, biodiversity conservation, natural resources conservation, sustainable energy (primarily from wood use), sustainable land use, water resources management related to small holder agriculture. Land Directly Controlled: The investments are directed to a defined set land which is measured in hectares that are directly controlled by the organization and under sustainable cultivation or sustainable stewardship with investment from the fund Trees Planted - In cases where the project implement tree planting (often for woodlots and agroforestry) as well as assisted natural regeneration for improved forest health, the hectares of native species planted by the organization during the reporting period Social and Environmental Performance Incentives – The investments provide incentives that are linked to results, based on environmental results included GHG emission reductions Ecosystem Services – Beyond GHG emission reductions and biodiversity, some projects investments produce and measure other ecosystem benefits such as water quality, water quantity, adaption capacity, soil quality, and reduced use of chemical fertilizer/pesticides

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Terra Bella Fund's Purpose is Impact Positive social and environmental impact of project investments is at the core of Terra Global Investment Management's mission, and a core driver of returns to the Terra Bella Fund. The parent company Terra Global was founded in 2006 with the objective of building a market for community-based forest and land-use carbon projects to provide sustainable livelihoods to communities. As a group, Terra Global has more global experience in the sector than any other entity and employs a collaborative and participatory approach with its local developing country partners that builds capacity and empowers local people to sustainably manage their land. Investments made in forest and land-use carbon projects by the Terra Bella Fund will deliver multiple impact benefits at scale including: • Emission reductions • Community livelihood development • Sustainably produced high value agricultural crops, non-timber forest products and sustainable timber • Capacity building with local partners and governments • Biodiversity benefits • Enhancement of ecosystem services, such as improved watersheds