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The wholesale chain,Tenda, was founded in 2001 and has since grown and developed every year as a trader and distributor, selling over 12,000 products from top brands.

Our stores - in São Paulo and the interior - represent more than 91.000m² of retail space to conveniently, securely, and practically connect small, medium, and large traders with final consumers.
Currently, Tenda has more than 4,400 skilled employees, and offers quality service with superior customer service, while seeking customer satisfaction in every activity.
The wholesale store offers a wide variety of products from different brands and specifications, always at low prices so that our customers remain competitive in the marketplace.

The primary purpose of the stores is to sell and distribute, with excellence and flexibility, quality goods and services at competitive prices, while satisfying the needs of retail owners and organizations as the final consumer.


  • Honesty and integrity in business
  • Respect in relationships
  • Humility and modesty
  • Honorable agreements
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social responsibility

Tenda has created a training program, known as the store owners project, whose objective is to involve 7,000 small business owners between 2014 and 2018. The program also looks to facilitate the credit card access access for the Tenda's small store owners, at the end of the training.
Investing in the training of its customers is a win-win strategy. While it mitigates the problems its small store owners face in maintaining their business, Tenda's campaign attracts new clients with profits, increasing client-retention and sales.


As part of required reporting information, we utilize IRIS to report relevant information in financial and social themes about our business, such as the number of clients, number of participants in capacity building trainings, average value of loans to clients. etc.