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Environmental Stewardship will be the core of all projects of Sustain. World Corp. It is our mission and our vision to create more accessible planning and recourses for those in agriculture, international trade, social or environmental organizations, universities and the public – to make environmental stewardship second nature to the world.  By providing modern and innovative stratagies grounded by sound scientific methods, Sustain. sets out to improve the direction of global security issues by showing how sustainability can play a role in agriculture, processing and service industries and how each sector intermingle with international trade and their effects on global environment, social, economic, food (nutrition) and water securities; inherently affecting climate change & perhaps improving world peace.


To set a standard for effectively and consistantly measuring the impact of Sustain.'s innovative approach to research, agriculture/nutrition/family planning/health programs, informational material and rate-of-return. By using IRIS Sustain. will be able facilitate tracking analysis & performance benchmarking to help demonstrate Sustain.'s potential to produce compellingly innovative social & environmental impact stratagies. Being able to show quantitative results shall enable Sustain. to gain strategic partnership(s) with impact investors that are interested in high impact philanthropy with positive financial gains; all the while making strides in sustainability with cross-sector solutions to global securities issues such as (but, not limited to) agriculture, food security, energy, and water. Additionally, IRIS allows Sustain. to be compared to other mission-driven organizations and establish how Sustain.'s cross-sector solutions compare to those in our field.