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SJF Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on delivering superior financial returns through investments in high growth, positive impact companies. SJF has a thirteen-year successful record of assisting visionary and talented management teams in building industry leading firms. SJF provides strong expertise and networks in the cleantech & sustainability and technology-enhanced services sectors.


As a GIIRS Pioneer Fund, SJF acknowledges that investors desire a standardized set of measures that report the social and environmental performance of their investments. We are proud to have aligned the metrics we track with the IRIS taxonomy through our participation in GIIRS.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

SJF has been documenting the social and environmental impacts of our portfolio for the last 10 years. An annual SJF Positive Impacts Report is available for 2001 - 2011 with the most recent years available at SJF Ventures and allied non-profit, SJF Institute, develop, track and report on our own set of proprietary impact metrics for these annual reports. These metrics are still being tracked in addition to those included in the GIIRs/IRIS system.