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Shared Interest opened its offices in New York City in September 1994 to provide a vehicle for United States investors to participate in building an equitable South Africa after the abolition of apartheid. In 1996, Shared Interest helped to create Thembani as a not-for-profit South African organization. Through TIGF, Shared Interest seeks to leverage locally available knowledge and credit, build on South and Southern African capacity and infrastructure, and strengthen the local economy to enhance the self-sufficiency of communities and the country or region as a whole.


Shared Interest and its partner, Thembani, have incorporated IRIS metrics into their data collection system. Thembani gathers impact data based on IRIS metrics from its guarantee beneficiaries four times a year and shares this information with Shared Interest.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Shared Interest and Thembani have developed their own qualitative methods to assess the impact of their guarantees. These tools measure the guarantees' impact on intermediaries and banks as well as end-users of the guaranteed loans.