Renew Energy Partners, LLC

Company/enterprise Real assets

Energy Savings

The amount of energy or fuel savings over the course of the reporting period due to RENEW's services. Number of Clients*(Average energy/fuel savings per client over course of the reporting period). Number of mmBTU.

Greenhouse Gas Offset/Mitigated

Greenhouse gas offset/mitigated during the reporting period by replacing traditional generation more efficient power generation/use measured in metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents.  Calculations will be made leveraging Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) guidelines/methodologies to the extent possible. Number of metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

Job Creation

Net number of new full-time equivalent jobs at financed enterprises, as of the end of the reporting period and since first investment. (This number will be negative if a financed enterprise has fewer employees than at the time of first investment.) Total across outstanding investment portfolio. Number of full time equivalent jobs.