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RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited (Formerly Alex Finance and Trust Limited) is a non banking financial institution licensed by The Central Bank of Nigeria to provide fund and investment management services with a focus to invest those funds through debt and equity models into Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. We are positioned to promote impact investments, capacity building, entrepreneurship drive, poverty alleviation, female entrepreneurship opportunities, inculcation of savings culture and other forms of value adding activities targeted at making MSMEs a formidable sector.

At RegCharles Finance and Capital, we focus on financing and empowering Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in various sectors of the economy and Agriculture and Agro Allied Businesses in Nigeria. Ours is an impact investing model. In this model, we do not only provide finance, we also nurture these businesses to maturity, by being a part of them, while training the business promoters. We however have a list of numerous clients who fall into our micro-equity category. RegCharles has been able to impact positively on over 50 MSMEs in Agriculture, Manufacturing, hospitality, health, retail chains supply chains, service sectors and trading. We have developed a model that has reduced the challenges of financing these unstructured segment by a mix of micro equity, debt, direct investments and business advisory services while deploying risk management methodology in the entire process. This has brought a radical change in the base of the economic pyramid.


RegCharles utilises the IRIS metrics of Small and Growing Businesses, Micro Finance, Micro enterprise and Early stage investments (Venture Capital) basically to assess how we have impacted in the economy. In a broad sense, we consider the social, environmental, economic, the organisation and operational impact of our investment and lending activities. The Internal Audit and Risk department is saddled with this responsibility of monitoring and implementing performance indicators across investment portfolio. IRIS aids communication between us and the target market.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Because RegCharles has a business model that is unique in all aspects that includes lending, microequity, direct investments, financial restructuring, capacity building, internal audit services, business process outsourcing, business advisory services We have developed custom metrics that will address the concerns of our fund providers to measure the impact of our business model against all expectations.