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PhiTrust Partenaires is a social investment fund that provides technical and financial support to small to medium sized for-profit companies that create a positive social and environmental impact in addition to seeking financial sustainability and profitability. PhiTrust Partenaires invests globally in a range of industries, with a special focus on funding organisations in Europe and West Africa; geographical areas where the team has a wealth of experience.


PhiTrust believes that IRIS metrics are a great starting point for discussions with our porfolio companies regarding their current and expected future social outputs. The increasing adoption of the IRIS metrics is important, as it enables PhiTrust to gain an understaning of the criteria used by other social impact investors to measure the outputs stemming from their portfolio companies.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

We have developed internal impact measurement tools, inspired by IRIS, SROI and other existing methodologies, as well as our own experiences and ongoing dialogue with our portfolio companies. In addition to measuring output, we aim to, wherever possible, assess the real impact stemming from our portfolio companies.