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Oikocredit is a cooperative financial institution that offers loans or investment capital to MFIs, cooperatives, fair trade organizations and small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the developing world. Today, Oikocredit has over 850 partners in almost 70 countries. Oikocredit offers a dual return to its investors: financial and social. In addition to earning modest financial returns, investors are secure in the knowledge that their money is being used to fight poverty, promote fair trade and respect our planet’s natural resources.


IRIS Metrics are used during the due diligence and monitoring of partners and for reporting to internal and external stakeholders. We assess both social and financial performance metrics.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Going beyond our screening and monitoring processes, Oikocredit builds capacity for partners to do impact measurement through its capacity building program and through partnerships. We promoted the Progress out of Poverty Index to assess poverty outreach and track changes over time. We worked with the ILO during its Microfinance for Decent Work project to assess decent work deficits. We studied over-indebtedness and vulnerability of microfinance borrowers in Cambodia and Kyrgyzstan together with other stakeholders in the sector. We supported in the development of MIS systems for MFIs.