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Minlam Asset Management LLC is an alternative investment advisor that manages investment products focused on financial institutions that serve small businesses, microenterprises and low-income clients in emerging markets. We believe that investments in these financial institutions are characterized by attractive risk-adjusted returns, low correlation to traditional asset classes and less competition than other market opportunities. Minlam serves as investment manager for the Minlam Microfinance Fund, an emerging market debt fund with an investment strategy focused on providing debt capital to microfinance institutions globally.


-IRIS metrics are used by the firm to construct our quarterly social metric reports to distribute to stakeholders and plot the social impact progress of the fund’s investment activity. -They are also referenced to explain the workings and objectives of the impact investment industry.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

-The other methodology we use at Minlam was internally developed in order to gain a better understanding of the populations our portfolio MFIs target.