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The Build Healthy Places Network (BHPN) is a national network that connects the community development and health sectors, envisioning communities where all people can live rewarding and healthy lives. BHPN provides access to resources and tools that spur cross-sector investment, impact measurement, and collaborative action. Specifically, BHPN’s MeasureUp portal highlights those resources that investors, and others, can use to identify health-improving outcomes of cross-sector work.


Leadership teams of IRIS and the Build Healthy Places Network (BHPN) are united in their commitment to greater alignment of impact measurement metrics. They are part of an industry-wide movement to harmonize the world’s leading impact measurement metric sets, methodologies, and assessment tools.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

One measurement resource that is available through BHPN’s MeasureUp portal is Metrics for Healthy Communities. This online tool, developed by Wilder Research and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, offers a series of logic models linked to data that can help guide and measure the results of community health improvement initiatives. Metrics for Healthy Communities presents data in a menu format that can help investors define project goals and select activities that are likely to lead to health improvement. The tool can also help increase investors’ capacity to use data and evaluate the impact of their investments.