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MCE Social Capital is a 501(c)(3) impact investing firm, founded in 2005, that utilizes an innovative loan guarantee model to help people living in poverty access credit and other financial services on fair terms. By leveraging the balance sheets of high net worth individuals and foundations, MCE borrows private sector capital that it then invests in promising microfinance institutions (MFIs) and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) throughout the developing world. Through this unique model, MCE has been able to disburse more than $95 million in loans to organizations that serve a high percentage of women, operate in rural communities, and offer health of business education (78% of MCE's end beneficiaries are women and 79% live in rural areas).


MCE has adopted eighteen IRIS metrics to complement its current social impact measurement framework. MCE uses the Nortridge Loan Management System, as well as a duplicate manual excel model, to track all institutional and financial information of its portfolio companies. Since 2006, MCE has also used this system to monitor social impact data across its portfolio. However, applying IRIS metrics to its current monitoring system provides MCE a common language for measuring and reporting impact.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

MCE is always searching for ways in which it might efficiently gather social impact data and works closely with partners to achieve this goal. MCE is also an official endorser of industry initiatives like the Smart Campaign and is a member of Truelift’s Poverty-focused Microfinance Community of Practice.