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Mbada Ventures LLP is a social impact fund manager seeking to achieve positive measurable social impact for people living below the poverty line and long term net financial return by investing in socially focused technology businesses. The Mbada BoP Technology Fund I L.P., managed by Mbada Ventures LLP, targets investments that have a high level of impact in East Africa. Sectors interested in include clean energy, mobile transactions and agriculture technology.


We apply a structured process to evaluate and verify the impact of each investment. Investments collectively are expected to achieve the Fund's objectives. Investee businesses are expected to self-monitor, self-record and report quarterly on impact against an agreed set of IRIS metrics, some of which are common across the Fund, and some of which are common across industry segments.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

As a GIIRS rated fund manager, Mbada Ventures LLP benchmarks our impact performance using IRIS metrics against our peers.