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KFSE is the foundation for Social Inclusion. Our Theory of Change is guided by efforts to invert the vicious cycle of exclusion into virtuous circle of inclusion. The vicious cycle of exclusion starts with negative perception of the minority as inferior, fueling prejudice against them, which in turn leads to discrimination and exclusion, and in the process, lowers the living standards of the minority. The effect of this negative perception creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of inferiority of the minority, because as their standards of living fall below that of the majority, the basis for prejudice, discrimination and exclusion increasingly gains widespread credence in the society.

KFSE hopes to work with sexual minorities to reverse this vicious cycle of exclusion so that it can become a virtuous cycle of inclusion. This is achieved by injecting a socially appealing intervention that reverses the negative perception into a positive one, and indeed one that has benefit to the entire society. KFSE does this by supporting sexual minority integration into mainstream communities across the board, such as increasing their ability to earn livelihoods by teaching trade-oriented skills, providing career counselling, and providing seed capital to promising business ideas.


KFSE plans to use the IRIS metrics to measure, track and report on the selected indicators, with a view to supporting KFSE’s ability to assess performance over the years. Additionally, KFSE believes its reporting of these indicators over time will help attract social capital investors to help KFSE further its mission of social inclusion.