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Inveneo delivers the tools of technology - sustainable computing and broadband - to those who need it most in the developing world, to transform lives through better education, healthcare, economic opportunities and faster relief.


Inveneo uses IRIS metrics in:

  • Fundraising documents to gain further funding for Inveneo’s mission
  • Marketing materials to promote Inveneo
  • Evaluation points to measure interventions in order to make adjustments for improvements to our programs

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Inveneo also gathers other impact indicators that are not part of the IRIS methodology. We ask very technical questions such as, “Is long-distance WiFi used in this project? What power systems are used for this deployment.” We gather these through requiring our implementation and distribution channel to complete these indicators when they jointly work on projects with Inveneo. We then have a clearer understanding of the social impact Inveneo has on the communities we serve.