Injaro Agricultural Capital Holdings Ltd.


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Injaro Agricultural Capital Holdings Limited (“Injaro”) has been established with the aim of carrying out investment activities for advancing the social objectives of alleviating poverty and revitalizing distressed regions in West Africa. Injaro intends to make investments in debt, quasi equity, and equity in SMEs along the agricultural value chain in designated countries of West Africa. The agriculture value chain encompasses the full range of activities and participants involved in moving agricultural products from input suppliers to farmers’ fields, and ultimately, to consumers’ tables.

By investing in SMEs along the agricultural value chain, Injaro expects to create jobs, provide products or services and increase economic opportunities for low-income persons and smallholder farmers in the region. For Seed Investments in particular, Injaro expects that increasing the availability and affordability of improved seeds and inputs to smallholder farmers will improve productivity, in turn increasing overall food security and converting small-scale farming from a subsistence activity to a commercially viable endeavour. Injaro hopes to demonstrate that deploying private sector capital within the region not only can help achieve these important social aims but is also economically viable in the hopes of catalyzing future investments.


  • Measure investee company social impact performances
  • Meet investors' social impact requirements/objectives
  • Feature in the social impact investors community for fundraising

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We additionally use PULSE.