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Incofin Investment Management (Incofin IM) is a Belgium based management company with 7 impact investing facilities totaling EUR 325M under management. Incofin IM mainly manages funds that invest in microfinance institutions (MFIs) in developing countries. MFIs provide financial services, such as credits, savings and insurances, to people who cannot have recourse to regular banks. As a specialist in rural microfinancing, Incofin IM’s main goal is to reach out to people who live in more secluded rural areas and/or who are active in the agricultural sector. From its offices in Belgium, Colombia, Kenya and India Incofin finances and supports organizations in over 40 countries. In 2012 Incofin launched the Fairtrade Access Fund together with Fairtrade International and Grameen Foundation. Incofin IM aims at a balanced combination of financial and social results. We attach great importance to the social objectives of the organizations which we support. Through a double financial social performance evaluation screening, Incofin IM aims to ensure that all its investees are striving for a double bottom line approach, combining financial sustainability and social performance management.


Incofin IM uses IRIS as a reference guide in the design of its own social performance evaluation tool for microfinance and impact investment.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

We developed our own in house social performance evaluation tool called, ECHOS©, and which measures the social performance of our investments (i.e. putting a company’s social mission into practice). ECHOS© is a measuring tool that scores the social performance of MFIs. Since we believe that our evaluation methods should always be in line with sector initiatives, this tool has recently been updated for the third time. More recently, we have also developed a Client Protection Principles assessment which has been inserted in our ECHOS tool.