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Impact Investment Partners.LLP (IIP) specialises in investing into critical service sectors that deliver significant social impact. IIP’s managing partners have over 25 years emerging markets investment experience within the healthcare, hospitality, energy, water, agriculture, education and housing sectors and have managed more than 1.85 Billion USD in assets across Latin America, Africa, South and South East Asia. Along with successful exits, the team has proven expertise in building low-cost high-volume businesses which serve lower-income consumers. IIP's first fund, IIP India Health Fund I, will invest exclusively in businesses scaling affordable healthcare in India. IIP has offices in London and Mumbai and is regulated and authorised by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA).


One of the keys to effective portfolio management is insight — in particular, establishing metrics and collecting and organizing information that enables timely, effective decisions with respect to portfolio company operations, value creation opportunities, and transactions. Similarly, within impact investing and in order to identify those areas that will add the most social value, IIP defines, monitors, and evaluates key performance IRIS metrics on a monthly basis. By using IRIS, IIP ia able to credibly track and report the social performance of portfolio companies, while giving Limited Partners visibility into the impact of the Fund's investments. IRIS allows IIP to capture both operational (e.g. no. of employees) and product (e.g. products distributed) impact, and has health-specific indicators which are designed for common performance areas such as occupancy, utilization, and wait time.

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Impact Investment Partners is a GIIRS Pioneer Fund.