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The Impact Engine, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, invests in early stage for-profit businesses addressing significant social and environmental challenges globally. Through financial and human capital, Impact Engine empowers entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors to make a positive impact on society. With today’s technological advances, a growing desire among global citizens to leave the world a better place, and the democratization of manufacturing, Impact Engine remains optimistic in the potential of high-potential entrepreneurs to positively transform the business world. The entrepreneurs that Impact Engine supports are all across the globe and are harnessing emerging technologies to create profitable businesses that solve critical societal or environmental issues, such as climate change, education, health, financial services, food/agriculture, and others. The business models Impact Engine supports are scalable and have built-in impact such that financial and social returns can grow hand-in-hand. Impact Engine offers several services to its impact companies. With its network of highly experienced angel investors, Impact Engine is able to not only invest in these companies, but also able to provide them hands on, customized mentoring to help them grow their business. Additionally, Impact Engine accepts impact companies into two programs -- its Accelerator and its Seed+ programs.


Impact Engine tracks several IRIS metrics across portfolio companies, as outlined below.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Depending on its specific portfolio company, Impact Engine also tracks other tailored metrics related to economic development, direct social and environmental impact, and impact on funding community.