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IGNIA is an impact investing venture capital firm based in Monterrey, Mexico that supports the founding and expansion of high growth social enterprises that serve the base of the socio-economic pyramid in Latin America. IGNIA is focused on areas with disproportionate impact on the lives of low income families, such as healthcare, housing, education, basic services (water, energy, communications) and income- multiplier activities. By providing effective responses to the enormously underserved needs of low income populations, as consumers as well as productive agents in value-added supply chains, IGNIA empowers entrepreneurship and generates social impact while creating attractive financial returns for its investors.


IGNIA uses IRIS metrics to support the standardization of social metrics in the impact investing space - IGNIA believes IRIS can add harmonization and transparency to the industry. Moreover, the data it collects helps IGNIA assess its social impact and communicate it to its stakeholders.

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IGNIA has an internal Social and Environmental Management System (SEMS) which it uses to guide decision-making in the pre-investment stage and make sure investments are aligned with its social vision. Once invested, IGNIA tracks IRIS metrics on an annual basis and subjects its portfolio companies to an annual GIIRS assessment. IGNIA Partners LLC is a GIIRS Pioneer Fund.