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Greenline Community Ventures LLC ("Greenline") is an investment management firm that specializes in delivering capital to business and communities that are underserved by traditional capital providers. Our mission is to 1) improve the flow of capital into underserved communities and 2) motivate market rate capital to invest in community priorities. We leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships to serve the capital needs of low income communities and to create sustainable outcomes. We also provide asset management, compliance, servicing, funds management, program administration and advisory services in support of underserved businesses and communities.


Greenline believes IRIS metrics are crucial to standardizing the process needed to measure the social and environmental performance of our investments. We integrate metrics from the IRIS catalog to ensure consistency in impact reporting across our portfolio. Our borrowers are required to track data associated with our core impact objectives and are also expected to provided impact information more specific to their individual business sector. The collected portfolio data is then aggregated by Greenline and used to compare existing investments, communicate results to investors and analyze future investment opportunities.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Greenline currently utilizes the U.S. Treasury Department's Community Investment Impact System (CIIS) and also intends to have our portfolio rated by GIIRS.