Green Bio Energy (Briketi Energy Saving Solutions)


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GBE endeavors to fight poverty, deforestation and climate change, by producing and selling briquettes made out of recycled materials (up to 40% cheaper and 86% less CO2-consuming than traditional charcoal) and improved cook stoves (saving up to 40% of charcoal when used for cooking). GBE also sells small amounts of solar lamps and water filters, provides training (e.g. micro-enterprise management), and sells equipments for small-scale briquettes production. What makes GBE stand out is its local content approach: it exclusively uses local human and material resources, providing training to its raw material providers and micro-entrepreneurs, the majority of which being women. These products, services and processes enable the beneficiaries to save money, reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted &; preserve natural resources, and allow GBE to be economically sustainable.


In order to assess, best monitor and communicate on GBE’s impact, the official SROI methodology and IRIS metrics are used. The impacts of GBE’s activities are best described following the Triple bottom line approach: environmental impact, economic impact and social impact. GBE built an “impact map”, as SROI specialists recommend to develop in order to depict relationships between GBE's initiatives strategy and intended results.