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Gray Ghost Ventures (GGV) is an impact investing firm dedicated to providing market-based solutions to entrepreneurs who are addressing the needs of low-income communities in emerging markets. GGV focuses on serving these low-income communities in developing nations through for-profit investment in operating companies or investment funds, ecosystem development and capacity building. GGV's areas of interest include microfinance, impact ventures, affordable private schools and helping to advance this growing impact investing market through action and education.


The reality that true, meaningful investment is more than financial is a driving principle behind the multitude of investments made at Gray Ghost Ventures. By investing in early-stage businesses that seek scale and replicability while embedding social impact in their business plans, Gray Ghost has improved the quality of life for millions in low-income communities in developing countries. As a GIIRS rated fund we believe that impact investors should use standardized measures to report the social and environmental performance of their investments. We are proud to have aligned the metrics we track with the IRIS taxonomy through our usage of GIIRS.