Grassroots Capital Management Corp.


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Grassroots Capital Management currently manages, co-manages or supports management of four impact investment funds globally and is helping to launch a new fund that will be focused on providing debt to impact institutions across India. The purposes of Grassroots Capital Management are to:

  1. 1. Mobilize capital to help eliminate poverty and strengthen communities through investments in small and micro businesses in the financial inclusion, affordable housing, sustainable agriculture and affordable education sectors, in both developing countries and the US
  2. 2. Provide private investors with effective, reliable avenues to devote a portion of their resources to these social investments
  3. 3. Actively collaborate with others with shared values and approaches to create innovative and socially responsible solutions


As a GIIRS rated fund we believe that impact investors should use standardized measures to report the social and environmental performance of their investments. We are proud to have aligned the metrics we track with the IRIS taxonomy through our usage of GIIRS.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Grassroots Capital Management Corp. is a certified B Corp and manages/ co-manages three GIIRS Pioneer Funds. We also encourage organizations that we invest in to publish data on the MIX and track indicators consistent with those identified by the MIX and Social Performance Task Force.