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Gawa Capital is an impact investing company that supports social entrepreneurs in under-served and low-income markets, headquartered in Madrid (Spain). We currently are an Investment Advisor of the Gawa Microfinance Fund, a fund established in 2010 (co-managed with Treetops Capital) to invest in institutions that promote financial inclusion. Gawa Capital is now raising its second microfinance fund to invest in equity and debt of microfinance institutions while providing financial and social returns to our private and institutional investors.


At Gawa Capital we believe that strong social performance is well correlated with financial health. Our investors are socially responsible investors that demand continuous reporting of social metrics. Social due diligence is a key part of our due diligence before investing and social metrics are a key variable of our monitoring process. We use IRIS metrics to assess the social and financial performance of our investee companies and the impact they are delivering to low income people living in developing countries. Gawa Capital links its performance fees to the impact metrics achieved by its investees. This way, Gawa Capital management is aligned with its investors' social objectives.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Gawa Capital is a supporter of Microfinance Transparency, also uses the metrics of the Social Performance Task Force and its investee companies are signatories of the Client Protection Principles.