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Exelenti is a network of wealthy individuals and millionaires in the Netherlands. At Exelenti we work towards enriching society. Exelenti facilitates responsible giving, investment in positive social impact projects and organises private events centred around knowledge, culture and purpose. The three pillars on which this model rests are:

  • Venture Philanthropy
  • Business Opportunities
  • Magazine & Events

Key values are discretion, privacy and independence. Exelenti is a platform for socially engaged millionaires, of which a website, a magazine and events are natural expressions. For more information please visit www.exelenti.org.


In order to assess and measure the impact of our Venture Philanthropy projects, initiated from within the Exelenti network of 'milliofairs'. We will use the IRIS metrics initially to asses the impact of our Stevia 1931 project. For more information please visit www.stevia1931.com

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Other than doing our own reporting, with the aid of IRIS metrics and independent impact investment experts we do not utilise other impact measurement services.