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For nearly two decades, EcoEnterprises Fund has pioneered investing in innovative small companies that serve as an economic engine to bring much-needed income to communities. Through its investment approach, the Fund supports companies which preserve the integrity of local natural resource bases and protect critical ecosystems and biologically-diverse landscapes, thereby helping to mitigate effects of climate change. One of the only dedicated venture investors in this important niche, EcoEnterprises Fund focuses on expanding sectors, such as organic agriculture, aquaculture, ecotourism, sustainable forestry, and non-timber forest products, and provides tailored growth capital concurrent with a value-added approach to enable its portfolio companies to scale impact and results. A spin-off of The Nature Conservancy, EcoEnterprises Fund has to date launched two solid funds and financed 30 sustainable companies in 11 countries. Collectively, these investments generated significant impacts: 4,439 jobs created, 300 community groups benefited, 20,767 small producers involved, half a billion dollars in sales reached, and 7 million acres of land conserved. In late 2016, EcoEnterprises Fund will again build upon its successful track record with a third fund. By replicating success and mainstreaming its approach, the Fund continues to lead the way to conserve our most important asset: planet Earth.


Some IRIS metrics are incorporated in EcoEnterprises' own designed Monitoring and Evaluation Tool (M&E Tool). All these metrics are used to report to Limited Partners, team members, Investment Committee and Impact Committee members, among others. Our M&E Tool metrics (which include IRIS's) are crucial to monitor the environmental and social impact of our portfolio companies.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Ensuring that portfolio companies employ the best practices in social and environmental sustainability is a critical part of EcoEnterprises Fund's due diligence process. Metrics pertaining to best practices are included in the Fund's Environmental & Social Guidelines as well as the M&E Tool used during due diligence and subsequent monitoring. EcoEnterprises Fund also uses GIIRS and ANDE methodologies and tools to supplement the continuous environmental and social monitoring of its portfolio. In order to give further insight into the impact methodology, EcoEnterprises has written "Portfolio for the Planet" -