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Founded in 1856 with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, Credit Suisse operates as an integrated bank, with our two global divisions - Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking - combining their expertise to deliver customized products, comprehensive solutions and advisory services to our clients. Credit Suisse has been a thought leader in impact investments since 2002, and it continues to contribute to the innovation and development of the sector. Today, we structure, manage and offer our clients a suite of impact investment vehicles focusing on areas like microfinance, sustainable agriculture, SME financing. Currently, we are exploring new opportunities into development related investment themes with potential for growth such as health care, energy and education. In our function we also advise our clients on how to integrate personal values and social objectives into the management of their assets. Within these range our services we offer a client's portfolio screening according to sustainability criteria.


Impact measurement is an integrated part of our investment process and the IRIS metrics provide us with an established framework enabling us to assess the social, environmental, financial and operational impacts of our products and report it to our investors. When developing our in-house products we encourage our investee to use IRIS standards to increase transparency and track the scale of their impact.

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We also use an internally developed methodology to screen client’s portfolio according to ESG criteria.