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Creation Investments is an alternative investment management company committed to fighting global poverty through direct, for-profit investments in businesses which promote economic development. Creation Investments Capital Management, LLC manages private equity funds which make control equity investments in Microfinance Institutions, Small-and-Medium Enterprise lenders and BOP Financial Services companies in emerging markets seeking to maximize financial and social returns on investment. Creation also manages several individual investments and separate accounts invested in other social ventures working in health care, affordable housing, agriculture, and clean energy.

Creation Investment’s core principles include: being focused on for-profit investments that directly benefit those living in poverty, compassionate in how they treat people, balanced in how they make decisions, and responsible in operating their businesses. Creation desires to promote healthy stewardship of the world’s resources and authentic generosity among those with whom they do business.


Creation Investments tracks IRIS metrics, as noted on the following tab, in addition to several bespoke metrics.

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Creation Investments believes that adherence to Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance (ESG) best practices will positively affect the performance of their investment portfolios. The firm is an active owner and incorporates the following principles in accordance with ESG into their own ownership policies and practices: UN Principles for Responsible Investments, UN Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance, and the Smart Campaign/Client Protection Principles. These ESG considerations include, but are not limited to, environmental impact, carbon footprint, environmental exclusions, BOP clients served, jobs created and sustained through MSMEs, percentage of women served, and number of dependents in BOP households directly impacted through economic activity.