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Our mission is to promote clean technology and sustainable practices throughout the United States by providing exceptional training, education and career assistance. We offer online, in-classroom, and hands-on vocational training to professionals, businesses, post-secondary institutions, government organizations and novices. To date, CleanEdison has trained and certified over 15,000 individuals through the largest open enrollment clean technology program in the nation.


We use IRIS to demonstrate our sustainability value proposition to the market. We have several investors with investments in other cleantech education focused companies. As such, we are required to provide benchmarks for our activities to show where our company is situated with respect to other companies in our market. Furthermore, as a training company, we believe that if we track our progress against that of our competitors, we will show our unique value proposition. We primarily use IRIS education and energy metrics. Additionally, our alumni and instructors are actively involved with energy efficiency audits for residential housing, so we also use Housing / Community Facilities metrics to show performance in these areas.