CERISE and the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF)

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SPTF is a global membership non-profit organization working in the inclusive finance sector. Its more than 2,700 members from all over the world represent every stakeholder group in inclusive finance (financial service providers, investors, donors, networks/associations, support organizations, rating agencies, technical assistance providers, regulators, and academics). SPTF engages with these stakeholders to develop, disseminate, and promote standards and good practices for social performance management (SPM) and reporting.

CERISE is a non-profit service provider that works with financial institutions, networks, TA providers, and investors to support their social strategy and promotes ethical practices in microfinance, social business, and rural finance. In collaboration with SPTF, the Smart Campaign, and MIX, CERISE developed the free SPI4 social audit tool. The indicators in the SPI4 include all the indicators necessary to evaluate adherence with the Universal Standards. They are purposefully aligned with all other responsible finance initiatives in the microfinance sector including the MIX social performance indicators and the Client Protection Certification indicators used by the Smart Campaign.

The SPI4 ALINUS is a sub-set of the indicators in the SPI4 tool. This sub-set of 80 indicators was selected by a group of investors for being the most useful in due diligence. The SPI4 ALINUS is a common tool for social due diligence and monitoring, which reduces the reporting burden on financial service providers, ensures stakeholders all speak the same language, and enables access to international benchmark data among investors.


The teams of IRIS and SPTF are united in their commitment to greater alignment of impact measurement metrics. The first step in putting this commitment into practice took the form of establishing a baseline to better understand the current level of alignment between the sets of metrics in the IRIS catalog and the SPI4 social audit tool. To this end, the teams of SPTF and IRIS carried out a detailed mapping of all the metrics in the IRIS catalog to determine which concepts were also represented among the SPI4 indicators. The metrics found on the following tab are the result of this alignment. These enable investors and their investee organizations to purposefully select the IRIS metrics that align with the SPI4 for their reporting, if it is a priority for them.