Caspian Capital Partners


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Caspian Capital Partners is an impact investment fund manager that creates social and financial value for investors and micro-entrepreneurs by combining strong experience in impact sectors with a rigorous and creative investment approach. We currently manage two impact investment funds and are launching a third that will be focused on providing debt to impact institutions across India.


As a GIIRS rated fund we believe that impact investors should use standardized measures to report the social and environmental performance of their investments. We are proud to have aligned the metrics we track with the IRIS taxonomy through our usage of GIIRS.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Caspian Capital Partners manages two GIIRS Pioneer Funds: India Financial Inclusion Fund and Bellwether Microfinance Fund. We also encourage the institutions that we invest in to report social and financial performance data to the MIX, and we track indicators that are consistent with those identified by the MIX and Social Performance Task Force (SPTF).