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Bush Heritage is a national non-profit organisation conserving biodiversity in Australia. The organisation achieves this by buying and managing land of outstanding conservation value, and working in partnership with other landowners, particularly aboriginal communities. Bush Heritage helps protect native habitats on millions of hectares of the most ecologically important landscapes.


Bush Heritage is now using IRIS metrics to report the results of the organization's conservation actions through its Annual Report. These organisation-wide metrics are aggregated from data collected and analysed at project and regional levels through Bush Heritage's conservation management process, which is based on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation. This process requires a clear theory of change for each project, including definition of a range of output, outcome and impact metrics. Bush Heritage has aligned these "bottom-up" project metrics with the standard metrics in the IRIS catalog to allow organisation-wide monitoring and reporting of the organisation's impact.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

Bush Heritage has adopted the "Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation" - a management process for conservation projects developed by global conservation NGOs. It positions organisations to clearly communicate the results they are targeting, the investment required, and the impact they are achieving.