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Buoyant Capital Collective is a peer advisory think tank focused on four areas: accessing new markets such as the developing world, finding and training top executive talent to manage new ventures in those markets, accessing breakthrough technology solutions for the new ventures to solve major problems in the developing world, and matching capital sources to the promising initiatives. Our peer advisory acts as a collective to collaborate on the most challenging opportunities with a shared view on social and environmentally sound practices in what we advise our clients. The peer advisory is a group of 50+ independent consultants that have agreed to work within the network as a collaborative to address the complex needs of our mutual clients. The group includes leading scientist, M&A bankers, a performance artist, entrepreneurs, experts is particular domains, and even a Dean of a major business school, so is quite varied in the internal capabilities and competencies.


We use IRIS Metrics to help our client evaluate their performance, relative to company goals. The selected 8 metrics are generally applicable to everyone in the peer advisory, and are easily incorporated into the values of the group, as well as what is suggested to the clients for adoption. The group is fairly broad and therefore likely would adopt more of the metrics for specific client engagements, where appropriate. IRIS Metrics are used as a framework in our consultative efforts so that our advisory is not ad-hoc and is grounded in a common framework that can be accounted and measured.

Other Impact Measurement Tools

We have specialized tools and practices that help to diagnose alignment issues within client organizations. We also employ tools that assess the value of patents as an indicator of what research is being generated that may have future impact on the company, its products and markets.